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The Ballboy’s mission is to provide as many as possible with only the best football-related news, whilst also providing an international public with an unbiased look on the most recent debates of the footballing world. At the Ballboy, we aim to inform everyone of the most recent movements in the transfer market, as well as update the people with only real news in order to differentiate us from the wave of fake news reporting that has sadly hit the news reporting world. We hope to make sure everyone knows who’s leading what, who’s winning against who, and who’s going where.

News does not have to be fake to be worth reading, and we believe in this statement; this is in fact why we provide you with the best quality of writing, whilst producing a great variety of articles, ranging from analysis to flash news, from match reports to breaking news articles. We also believe that anyone can be a writer and voice their opinion on some of the most pressing issues in the sport currently; in fact, we welcome applications to our writing team. Most of all, we thank you for your trust in our website, whether you are from the United Kingdom or any of the other 134 countries that read our news everyday.