Bayern Munich triumphs against 10-men Anderlecht

Despite what some may have considered to be quite a one-sided game, Bayern Munich was seen to be ‘struggling’ against an Anderlecht side that was clearly an outsider, despite claiming a 3-0 victory that did not reflect the progress of the game at all.

Guenter Schiffmann

As the Champions League kicked off this Tuesday, many were scotched in front of their TV, computers or whatever device they may have been using to watch some of the biggest, most interesting clashes of the day. With most of them watching the Barcelona, Atlético or even PSG games, some football fans instead decided to watch a game that some would expect to be very one-sided; the David-Goliath clash between Bayern Munich and RSC Anderlecht.

Bayern started the game with their best eleven possible, just like Anderlecht expected. The game started off as quite fair as both teams seemed to be in control of the ball and had their fair share of chances, though ten minutes in, the referee would give a relatively harsh red to Sven Kums, Anderlecht’s midfielder, and by the same decision, award a penalty for Bayern Munich. Robert Lewandowski would convert that penalty and give the German champions an early one-goal lead, though this would completely annihilate Anderlecht’s hopes of a win in this game, after being ruled down to ten men.

Shortly after the one-hour mark (at which point both Anderlecht and Bayern seemed to had been playing much below their usual quality of football), Joshua Kimmich would receive an interesting ball on the right side of the field, just outside of the box. The German playmaker would use this opportunity to deliver a perfect cross to Thiago Alcântara who would complete the job of tucking the ball in the back of the net; doubling Bayern’s advantage to a two-goal lead.

The final goal would come with Joshua Kimmich yet again proving to be decisive after putting in a nice finish to complete Boateng’s work at getting the ball in the box. Despite the 3-0 scoreline, this would end up being quite a disappointing showing for Bayern, whose chance creation has been questionable in that game as the team looked fairly out of place. The German champions will be traveling to Paris for their next Champions League fixture, where they will face Neymar’s PSG – one of the favourites for the title this season.

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