Lazio wins Supercup thriller over Juventus!

It was earlier tonight at the Stadio Olimpico of Rome that Lazio triumphed over Serie A champions Juventus in a 3-2 thriller that saw the likes of Ciro Immobile and Alessandro Murgia make history in front of thousands of supporters.

Ciro Immobile netted a brace in the Supercup final (Reuters)

The hosts first opened scoring with Ciro Immobile transforming the penalty he had won moments ago, despite Gianluigi Buffon jumping on the right side. Juventus and Lazio would neutralize each other’s chances for the rest of the half, with Buffon being the main reason they are still in the game at half-time.

The second half would be much more goal-heavy. Nine minutes after the break, a fantastic delivery from Parolo would see Ciro Immobile score his second of the night with a header that would leave Gianluigi Buffon…immobile.

Paulo Dybala’s five-minute brace was not enough to win the game for Juventus (Reuters)

However, the match was far from over with more than half an hour to go and the Bianconeri putting heavy pressure on the Roman defense. Their efforts at coming back into the game would finally show some results, with Paulo Dybala scoring a beauty of a freekick from long range with only five minutes of regular time to go.

Another chance would come for the reigning champions in the form of another penalty, that Paulo Dybala would put in the back of the net and therefore equalize with only extra time left in the game. Making this final as much of a thriller as it could possibly be.

Alessandro Murgia scored the winning goal for Lazio in extra time (Reuters)

But it was Lazio’s 21 year-old youngster Alessandro Murgia who would come off as the hero who saved the day for the Roman formation. The former youth international would use a backwards pass in the box from Romelu Lukaku’s unsung brother Jordan, and finish with a goal that would secure Lazio its first Supercup since 2009.

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